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NAME_______________________________________________________HOME PHONE_______________


E-MAIL ADDRESS____________________________________________WORK PHONE_______________

Do you object to your telephone number or e-mail address appearing in the club roster (never sold)?_________

I consider myself (check one:)   _______Relatively a beginner (want to learn from other members).

                                                            _______Knowledgeable as an amateur (want to work with others).

                                                            _______Expert in some areas (willing to help others).

I own or use these telescopes:   __________________________________________________________________

(Telescope not required for membership; members may use club telescopes.)

Optional information that will be helpful in identifying members with particular knowledge or skills:


While I may not consider myself an expert, I hope to participate in the Western Nevada Astronomical Society in the following ways: (e.g. public observing programs, newsletter help, public star parties, publicity, and other)


There are five membership levels for which you can apply (check one):

                        ______Senior Membership at $15.00 per year (62 years and over)

                        ______Student Membership at $15.00 per year

                        ______Individual Membership at $25.00 per year

                        ______Family Membership at $35.00 per year

                        ______Executive Membership at $250.00 per year


Membership benefits include:  $10 off Sky & Telescope Magazine; 10% of Sky & Telescope products; $10 off Astronomy  Magazine; 10% off admission to Fleischmann Planetarium; free admission to special observatory showings; invitations to Star Parties; serve as voting members; receive free newsletter.  The Executive Membership also includes all of the above plus free subscriptions to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy Magazine; a plaque for work or home denoting executive level support; lunch with observatory director and founder Professor Robert Collier.

Make checks payable to the WNCC Foundation – WNAS or you  may use a credit card:

MC/VISA #___________________________Exp. Date__________Name on Card_______________________

Send to WNCC Foundation, 2201 W. College Parkway, Carson City, NV  89703.  For more information, contact Helaine Jesse at (775) 445-3240 or at jesse@wncc.nevada.edu.