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Special Projects


Jack C. Davis Observatory

Once the observatory is up and running, the request for time on the telescopes will require a significant number of hours be spent in support of these requests.  The WNAS will be a major asset for the operation of the observatory. 

Teams are being set up to help run the Observatory on Saturday night.  Teams will be a minimum of three volunteers in the telescope room, classroom and observing patio.  A Team Leader will be responsible for picking up the key to open and close the Observatory.  The goal is to have enough volunteers so each team will be primary only one weekend a month.  If you would like to volunteer, please come up on a Saturday night or Membership meeting, or contact one of the Team Leaders.  Team Leaders will have a membership list of phone numbers.

Week 1 - Team Leader is Lee Snyder
  1. Lee Snyder -
Week 2 - Team Leader is Leland Wong
  1. Leland Wong - LLW1345@cs.com
  2. Joan Wong
  3. David Wyble
  4. Brian Guerin
  5. Karen Guerin
Week 3 - Team Leader is Walt Dillard
  1. Walt Dillard - wdillard@attglobal.net
  2. Leland Wong
  3. Joan Wong
Week 4 - Team Leader is Robert Collier
  1. Robert Collier - collier@wncc.edu
  2. Scott Tucker
  3. Barry Morgan
  4. Gerald Brandvold
Week 5 & Backup - Team Leader is Red Sumner
  1. Red Sumner - rmsumner@pyramid.net
On-Call Backup
  • Paul Guttman
  •  Bob Mimiaga
  •  Brian Guerin
  •  Frank Davis